Oil & Gas Industry

We are developing asymmetric polymeric membranes to remove carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from biogas, natural gas, and syngas. Our membranes are based on both solution-diffusion mechanism and facilitated transport mechanism.
Advantages of our membranes:
➢ Remove both CO2 and H2S
➢ Work with a wide range of CO2 and H2S concentrations
➢ High CO2 / N2, CO2/CH4 selectivities
➢ High flux
➢ Unlike amine scrubbing or pressure swing adsorption, our membrane does NOT need regeneration, therefore, is very energy efficient
➢ The whole system is compact, particularly
suitable for offshore or remote locations
➢ Overall low captured CO2 cost
Our membrane is also particularly suitable for the carbon capture from the steam reforming process and auto reforming process due to the membrane’s high CO2 permeability and low H2 permeability, which offers many advantages: (1) carbon capture is effective and efficient, (2) the captured CO2 cost is low; (3) high purity H2 can stay on the retentate side without loss of pressure, and (4) the H2 loss is minimal.