Gas & Liquid Dehydration

Removing water or dehydration from a gas mixture or a liquid mixture is important in our daily life as well as in the chemical, petrochemical, and energy industries. For example, removing moisture from the air and controlling humidity in buildings are critical to maintain human comfort, prevent mold growth, and ensure building durability. Removing water from a wide range of organic solvents and from chemical intermediates and products are commonly used processes in chemical and petrochemical industries. One example of liquid dehydration is the pervaporation process by which water is selectively removed through a membrane from liquids, such as organic solvents and monomers. 

At Zenith Purification, we are developing composite polymeric membranes with highly selective top layers to remove moisture and water from gases and liquids such as air, natural gas, biogas, organic solvents, intermediates and products in chemical and petrochemical industries. Our membranes have the composite membrane structure which combines high water flux, high selectivity, and high mechanical strength.