Zenith Purification LLC

Purification and separation technologies to facilitate energy transition


We are developing polymeric composite membranes that can effectively and efficiently remove carbon dioxide from flue gas, biogas, natural gas, and air.


Our polymeric membrane removes impurities such as hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide & water from hydrogen while keeping hydrogen on the …

Gas & Liquid

Based on our composite membrane technology, we use a highly hydrophilic layer to remove water from air, natural gas, and organic liquids


We are working on a multifunctional membrane material for water purification. This material could remove heavy metals and be less

We develop separation and purification membranes and systems for carbon dioxide removal, air separation, gas, and liquid dehydration, hydrogen purification, and natural gas purification.

The solutions that we are working on can enable more cost-effective removal of carbon dioxide, more efficient separation of oxygen from air, and lower cost of hydrogen and natural gas.