About Us

Strategically located in the outskirts of Houston, the Energy Capital of the World, we are a startup company to provides innovative and achievable solutions to facilitate energy transition and protect our environment. We develop separation and purification membranes and systems for carbon dioxide removal, air separation, gas, and liquid dehydration, hydrogen purification, and natural gas purification.

The solutions that we are working on can enable more cost-effective removal of carbon dioxide, more efficient separation of oxygen from the air, and lower the cost of hydrogen and natural gas. Our goal is to help the energy industry move to a more sustainable future and to better protect our environment for generations to come.

As the president and founder of the company, Dr. Jian J. Zou has ten years of hands-on research experience in polymeric membrane synthesis and process development including carbon dioxide separation, hydrogen purification, liquid dehydration/pervaporation, ultrafiltration, and microfiltration with three granted patents, two book chapters, and 12 journal publications. Between 2001 and 2007 at The Ohio State University, he worked with Professor W.S. Winston Ho, and studied the facilitated transport carbon dioxide removal membranes. They developed a high performance carbon dioxide separation membrane with working temperature of 170 Celsius degree. Dr. Zou was the first scientist in the world who successfully demonstrated the carbon-dioxide-selective water-gas-shift membrane reactor in laboratory. Those research results are foundations of some current research in the area of carbon capture and hydrogen purification technologies. After he graduated from The Ohio State University, Dr. Zou worked in chemical and oil industries for 15 years. He also had his MBA degree from Ohio University.